Thursday, February 23, 2012

The things my kids say...

Whenever I tell stories about my kids, everyone says I have to write these things down.  So here are a few or so things that just crack me up.

When we told Munchkin she was going to have a baby brother, she was a wee bit upset.   And by wee I mean Wee bit.  She really wanted a baby sister.  So for the next 4 months, we heard on a daily basis how mad she was about having a baby brother.
"He's going to live at the circus.  He's NOT going to live with us."
"I'm going to trade him for cousin Addie."
She then developed several imaginary sisters.  Tutti, Lolli, and one other that we heard about.  They live in the blue house.  She still talks about them.  One has since gotten married and now she's called something else (got that from when her teacher at school got married and changed her name).  But now they all live in Virginia (because we are officially moving to Richmond, VA this summer!).  And they like Virginia because they don't have to wear snow pants, boots, mittens, or hats.

She also kicked me quite purposefully and quite hard in the throat one night telling me how mad she was that I was going to have a baby boy.
But then the Tank was born, and she was happy.  Thankfully.

Sisterly love.

Today she told me (yes 2 years later she is still at it) that we were going to have another baby - a sister - that is going to be named Rainbow Unicorn.

When I was BF/pumping with the Tank, she asked me when she was going to get big "belly buttons" and have milk.  After the above discussion about Rainbow Unicorn, she asked when she was going to have a baby.  My reply was when she was old, old, old.  She said, "Yep. I am going to be a mommy and then have a baby.  And I am going to have big belly buttons."

And then at dinner, she had to relay the whole conversation to the husband.  And she promptly pulled up her shirt, "And these little pink things are going to be big belly buttons when I am a mommy."

Yep.  That's my girl.

And to be fair - a few words from the Tank.  Well he was severely deaf (65 db) hearing loss until he was 15 months old.  So he sounds like a deaf person talking.  Well - a deaf toddler.  We are finely getting some words - or sounds - that have meaning.

"nana" - nookie/pacifier.  He doesn't get it at school, but it is in his cubby because he has it in the car and then we can trade off drop off/pick up.  You walk in the door and he starts yelling "nana" and runs to his cubby waiting for it.
"mi" - milk
"Hi" - perfectly clear - heard that last week and had to look around to see it.  So cute to finally hear a real word pronounced perfectly from the little man.
"Rea-gy" - Reagan.  Just heard that tonight.
"Ni nigh" Night-night.  Just heard that tonight too.
"Beeee"  Bean.  The kid loves beans and lentils.  These days it is all lentils but he calls them beans.
"Bow" ball.  There is the history of being hard of hearing.  This was actually his first word.

And because he takes after me and my food preferences.
"Chuc chuc"  Chocolate.  The kid would eat it all day.  He asks for it as soon as he gets up in the morning and as soon as we get home.  He goes and stands below the cabinet that has it and just starts signing "More.  Please.  More. Please"  While yelling "chuc chuc".  I almost have to give it to him because it is so darn cute.  And for those of you who don't know what "please" is in ASL - it is rubbing a circle on your chest.  But when the Tank really wants something - he pounds his chest - aka baboon style.  So cute.
Did I mention he is 125% for height and 50% for weight.  He hasn't gained weight in 4 months.  So maybe not so much a "Tank" anymore.

And that's what I have for you.

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