Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little Re-nest shout out

So I got a little blog recognition today from  Have you ever seen their site?  It is a part of the apartment therapy group of blogs.  Re-nest is the green design blog.  Well if you happen over there, you may just see my recent headboard project featured:)  It is king of funny how this all came to be, and the husband may have had something to do with it.  But if you are coming over here from re-nest- welcome!  I don't have a ton of time to blog- but I usually blog about DIY projects, food, or home life.  I usually blog once a week or so.

And in honor of Halloween and my DIY stuff, I thought I would tell you about the Halloween costume I made for the Tank.  I usually make the kids' Halloween costumes.  This year the Munchkin wanted to be a princess at school.  And we had a nice warm ladybug costume for nighttime.  And the Tank had a horse costume that was given to us.  But I just couldn't not make a costume.  So I decided last minute to make the Tank a costume.  I pondered some pictures on the web, but just didn't like any.  Then I remembered I had some insulation/foam panels in the garage (from trying to make this headboard- which was a total disaster).  So what can a girl make from foam panels- but of course a Lego.  So I cut out some circles from the foam, glued them to another rectangle piece (front of the costume/Lego).  Then shaved out some circles from another rectangle piece (the back piece).  Wrote "LEGO" on the circles in glue so it was a bit raised.  Spray painted everything red.  Stapled some yarn to the inside top of the two rectangles and the sides.  Then hung it on the Tank. (like a sandwich board)  And he promptly ripped it apart.  I tried to duct tape the pieces together- yep ripped that apart too.  And it went in the trash before I could get pictures.  So sad.  It was so cute.  Maybe next year I will make it again.  So instead he wore the Munchkin's penguin costume (that I made) from last year.  He was cute.  And the Munchkin was cute in her (store bought) ladybug costume.

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