Thursday, October 20, 2011

To be a Lute...

I think once upon a blog post, I said I would tell you how I ended up at the college that I did.  As with most things in my life, it has a bit of a funny story to it.

So I went to a fairly large high school (about 680 in my graduating class).  Most people went onto college.  Most stayed within the state or the neighboring Cheesehead state.

But I had other notions.  Prior to the summer before senior year of high school, I had never been west of the state border.  I had been to Fl, but really no where else.  Other than the Cheesehead state.  But the summer before senior year, I went on a mission trip to Montana.  It was the first time I saw real mountains.  And I was amazed.  So I decided I would go to college in the Northwest.  Around this same time, I tossed out all the college brochures for architecture and switched to chemistry.  I never went to a college fair, but a boy that I was dating at the time did.  So I looked through his brochures and picked up a little wallet sized fold out brochure.  It had a picture of a mountain on the front cover and little words that said "Pacific Lutheran University".  I tore off the back little card that you could send in for more information (this was pre-internet days - hard to imagine).  So then I get the full sized brochure.  And another bigger picture of Mt. Rainier.  There was also a picture of the crew team and the science lab.  So I sent off for more information - and a bigger picture of Rainier was sent back.  And then I send in an application.

I never visited any of the 3 colleges I applied to.  I did all my interviews by phone.  So I am not really sure how I picked the school that I did, but I went to PLU and became a "Lute".  And my first time ever to the state of WA was the day I moved into my college dorm.  I got on a plane and just went.  By myself.  Not knowing a single sole in the entire state.  But I survived.  And I had a pretty darn good time.  And I rowed for two years (before a darn boat crash forever ruined my shoulder).  And I got to see amazing sunrises over Mt. Rainier every morning when it wasn't raining or too foggy.

And I spent a lot of time in the "open science lab".  I got a degree.   I moved all the way to other Washington when I was done.  And the first Sunday I walked into church in DC, a very old couple stopped me because they saw the "PLU" bumper sticker.  Turns out they had graduated from their 50 years before (back when it was Pacific Lutheran College).  I have seen PLU stickers around the country since then.

But the world kind of opened up the day that little brochure popped into my hand and I became a "Lute".

"Hey Lutes"
"Go Lutes"

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