Monday, October 3, 2011

The Munchkin is 4

So some how I am a mother to a 4 year old.  Already.  Perhaps that is why I now have so many "blonde" highlights.  Or the fact that I am getting older.  And I still don't have my first job.  And on that front - I am starting to interview - so just when you are thinking about changing your career after 10+ years - well I will finally be getting my first job.  I probably shouldn't change my mind about my career at this point.

But back to the point.  The munchkin is 4 this week.  I have to write a little bit about there birth, because it  is a bit funny when looking back at it.  I had worked really hard the last week of September.  I started swelling a ton - perhaps due to the fact that I was drinking 7 liters. a day.  And I am pretty sure I wasn't get rid of that much!  I had 2 crazy nights at work.  All the babies were deciding to deliver at the same time and I was just running from room to room to resuscitate.  That nearly did me in.  But I made it through and then had to cover the hospital service 2 days later.  And on a weekend you would usually get a handful at most of admissions.  Not that day/night.  We had close to 10.  So again- nearly did me in.  And then the next day I was on a blissful month of research.  A couple of days later, I spent the day washing all the baby clothes, organizing the room, and put the car seat in the car.  I spent one of the nights scrubbing my oven.  With oven cleaner.  Which I had never done before (nor have I since!)  I was 35 weeks along.  And then I decided to bring coffee to a friend who had just had a baby a few weeks before.  We sat on her couch all afternoon talking and me resting with my feet up.  I finally felt good after the crazy week before.  Went home that night and all was well.

And then I went to bed.  30 min later I woke up after I thought I had to pee.  And have you ever fallen asleep on the potty - well I have - kind of one of those little nod offs.  Well I did that, and then woke up a couple of seconds later and realized there was no way I could still be peeing a gallon of water.  Oh wait.  That would be my water breaking.  Denial.  Got back into bed.  Thought I was peeing my pants - woke up the husband.  Still in denial.  Decided to take a shower, cause if I was going into labor - at least I would be clean:)  We decided to call the triage nurse, who promptly laughed when we told her that we thought my water broke and I was 35 weeks.  Of course I had to come in.  Well I still waited.  I was terrified that I would be the one they told "No - your water didn't break - you are just peeing on yourself." (Remember I had been drinking 7 liters a day - maybe all of it was finally come out - or so I told myself.)  So I finally threw somethings together, and we made our way to the hospital.  We got to the triage area, and they were going to check me down there when I started laughing and more water came pouring out.  The nurses got a laugh out of us when they realized it was us who had called in (a family med doctor who delivers babies, and a pediatrician - seriously didn't we know better!)

Born with lots of dark brown hair!

The skinniest little legs!

Of course I was in labor.  All went fairly well except the anesthesiologist didn't give me the little bolus button for my epidural.  And the darn thing wore off as I was pushing.  And I started hallucinating. Until I realized it was because "I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING" which is what I started yelling.  They got that fixed and then out popped the munchkin.  5 lbs, 14 oz and 19 3/4 " - at 35 4/7 weeks.

First birthday -the hair grew back in blonde as can be!
And about 10 hours after getting up to go potty, we became parents for the first time.

And the rest is history.
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday -no longer a toddler.
And now 4.

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