Monday, September 12, 2011

The Tank is 1

My little man turned one last week while we were on vacation.  So hard to believe.  I still remember the feeling of being pregnant with him.  He would be all calm and still, and then go on a frenzy of kicking and punching.  Where as the Munchkin was always moving but just very little movements and flutters.  Well that has held true to both of their personalities.  The Tank can be so calm and peaceful.  But then he turns into captain destructo.  He has mastered unlocking/opening of cabinets in no time -including some that the Munchkin still can't open.  I think we are in trouble.

So here are some pictures from birth and last week.  When ever someone asks how old he is, there is usually a comment that follows about how big he is.  And yes.  I think he is currently the average size of a 2 year old.  So much for being a preemie!


  1. I have the same T-shirt he does.

  2. And which t-shirt would that be? The #1? Cause I am pretty sure you are a bit older - or maybe you just think you are #1?!