Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I One tomato two...

So remember when I showed pictures of our crazy little garden back in July?  Well those plants were quite happy, especially the tomatoes!

But first I have to tell the sad story of my squash plant.  So I picked up a 4 squash seed mix last spring - mainly because I wanted kabocha squash and couldn't find the seeds. So I tried to guess which seeds were kabocha and planted a few of those.  Well I guessed wrong.  The giant squash plant that grew from our box started rapidly putting out little squashes.  It took several weeks to figure out that they were spaghetti squash -my absolute least favorite.  I was so bummed because I had 10 of them growing from one little plant.  But I got over it.  Because that is was a farmer city girl does.

So I found all these recipes.  And I found friends that liked them.  And then came the attack of the bugs.  I saw a little vine rot and figured I had vine borers.  But I wasn't too worried because the rest of the vine seemed healthy.  And then I picked a squash.  And saw a little "bruise" on it.  So I tried to cut it off - and was met by a writhing little bugger.  So GROSS.  I went and checked all the squash.  Every last one of them had little holes in them.  And in the meantime - a tiny little butternut squash had popped up.  And it too was being eaten by the squash borer.  So I had to rip up all the vines.  And woah when I did -that thing was filled with maggots I can't even say that word it was so darn gross.  So that will be the end of my organic squash growing days.

But the tomatoes - they are in a whole different world.  My one cherry tomato plant has put out at least 3-4 lbs so far (and it is still flowering and producing more new tomatoes)! I have made too numerous too count bowls of caprese salad -which might just be my most favorite thing to eat.

And the roma tomatoes in the community garden are going crazy.  I turned 6 lbs into 7 quarts of salsa.  And another 7 lbs of orange, red, and romas into crushed tomatoes and froze them.  And I am not done yet.
1 lb bags of crushed tomatoes

We have one plant I have no idea what it is doing.  Each tomato weighs well over a pound -maybe even closer to 2!  And it is full of green tomatoes.  And I bet they turn red while on vacation.  And I may not get to find out what they are.

The first red 1 lb tomato -can't appreciate the scale of this thing!
So the bottom line - I think I will only plant 2 tomato plants next year.

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