Saturday, September 24, 2011

I ironed my walls

So I recently joined Pintereset, and have started looking around at some great DIY ideas.  And I came across this one about making your own iron on wall art.  And I thought- hmm - I have tons of left over fabric from a million and one projects.  And I hate how plain and drab our walls are (but we refuse to paint because we are going to sell it soon).
Boring corner.  Wall art in an attempt to bring color.
And we have this little wall art thing that we said we were going to paint a square of colored paint behind just to add a little bit of punch.

Close up - even with color in it still looks drab.
 And so instead of painting, I figured I would iron on some fabric - then no repainting when we sell it.  Brilliant.
 I found a large scrap piece of blue/gray fabric from a duvet I made.  I had some pellon transfer/fusible.  I didn't have a ton so I just cut strips and ironed them around the edges of the square.  This fabric frays so I tucked the edges and pressed them into the other side of fusible.  Skip this step if you are using jersey/non-fraying fabric.

And then I ironed it to the wall.  The directions for pellon say to use a damp press cloth.  I didn't - but I set the iron to no steam and the iron has a steam burst button.  I just used the steam burst as I held the iron on the wall.  Worked great.

Square fabric with transfer already ironed to edges.

Ironed onto wall.
 And then I rehung the wall art (I actually had to peel back the fabric to find my nail holes.  It peeled back perfectly, and then I just reironed it once the nails were in place.
Oops-didn't quite have a big enough piece- will just move up the bottom pieces of art.
 And I think it makes quite a bit of difference.  The color of the art piece really pops out now.  Still a very boring corner - but I think much better.
A mini window in a boring corner.
Watch out walls - I have about 100 yards of fabric just waiting for projects.  I have endless ideas.  Stripes, squares, words........

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