Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY: Super cute baby gifts

So I have already posted about some of my baby making gifts back here.  But lately I have decided to do something different.  I have a ton of left over fabric scraps from making quilts.  And I have a ton of unused onesies.  So when a few recent opportunities arose, I decided to put the two things together.

And this is what you get.

 This is a bit of an inside joke.  I thought it was hilarious.  The baby's gender isn't known yet, and so that made making a gender neutral gift quite hard.  But I think this will work.

This one was for my cousin.  She met her husband by playing hockey - on opposite teams.  One got checked by the other.  And the bigger of the two was a bit caught off guard that a girl would check him.  And now they have sweet baby girl.  I wanted it to look a bit more like hockey sticks, but that's ok.

And this one - well the Tank is going to be 1 very soon. So I whipped up a onesie for that occasion.

I now have tons and tons of ideas for different onesies and shirts.  I really wish I could find just plain colored onesies so they aren't all white.   I think I know where I can get some, but this is surprisingly a difficult thing to find.  But when I do, watch out friends with babies.  You may soon be getting something along the lines of one of these.  And if there is any sort of inside joke, well you probably see it displayed on a shirt that you kid is (hopefully) going to wear!

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