Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY: The making of salted caramel ice cream

Wow.  Yum.  A miracle in my mouth.  A few words to describe the salted caramel ice cream I made.  So I had to share.
The husband (who really said I need to find another name for him so I will work on that) said he wanted salted caramel ice cream.  I poked around the internet and found this recipe for salted butter caramel ice cream.  This one uses egg yolks - which you do cook a bit to make into a custard.  I did find another recipe without egg yolks that I almost made instead, but will probably try next time (salted caramel ice cream).

With both recipes, you melt sugar and make it into a caramel.  Then you add heavy whipping cream.  Neither recipe says what temp to have the whipping cream at, so I dumped it in when it was cold.  Which made the caramel harden very quickly.  And then it took about 30 minutes of constant stirring to get it back to a liquid that would mix into the cream.  So my suggestion would be to warm up the cream first - not super hot - but definitely not cold.  Added a ton of time onto this.

First step is to make a salted caramel praline (melted sugar then toss salt at the end and pour onto a sheet to harden).  This gets smashed up and added to the ice cream.  It tasted so I good I kept breaking off piece at this stage and eating them.
Salted caramel praline

You have to let the base sit in fridge all night.  That was the hard part - I wanted to make it and eat it all in one night!  But then you throw it into your ice cream maker - and an hour later this is what you have!

Just finished churning.  Looks like soft serve.
I mixed the smashed up praline and then put it all in another container.  You were supposed to let it harden more.  But I couldn't wait.  So we ate some.

Praline smashed up and mixed in. 
And not the container is not nearly as full as in this picture.  But it was so. darn. good.

And I love chocolate and my ice cream always has to have chocolate in it.  But now - well - maybe I will eat a dessert without chocolate.  Maybe I should go eat some for breakfast.  My mouth is watering from looking at the picture.  Or maybe you should make some and have me over:)

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