Sunday, July 3, 2011

How much does that diaper insert hold?

So have you ever wondered how much a diaper insert can hold?  Well maybe you haven't, but I have.  And because we own a kitchen scale, and I cloth diaper, and I am a science geek - I thought what the heck.  Let's try these out.  So I placed a bowl of water on the scale and then dunked each insert into the water.  I let it drip back into the bowl until the insert was soaking but no longer dripping.  I figured this would be a rough estimate of how much the different inserts could hold.  And I was a bit surprised by what I found.

So here are my super precise (hah -but at least done equally for each insert) measurements.

GoGreen microfiber insert: 240 grams (8 oz)
Size 1 Thirsties duo insert-just the MF half: 125 gm (~4 oz)
BumGenius MF insert: 310 gm (10.5 oz)

And here is a caveat about the microfiber- it soaks a ton but as soon as you touch it/put pressure on it, the water leaks out.  So it is not really as absorbent as I measure.  The BG held 10.5 oz, but once I compressed it just a bit to the point where it wouldn't compress super easy - it was holding 215 gm (7.5 oz).

And now for the hemp and bamboo.
Size 1 Thirsties duo insert-hemp half: 100 gm (3.5 oz)
Thirsties large hemp insert: 170 gm (~6 oz)
Joey Bunz size medium: 385 gm (13 oz)
Bamboo Terry Motherease Sandy's insert size large: 170 gm (~6 oz)
Hugga Buns Bamboo flat: 300 gm (10 oz)
Hemp Babies doubler (hemp/cotton mix): 110 gm (3.5 oz)

And the hemp and bamboo didn't really compress.  So what I measured is close to what you get for absorbency.

And for fun.  I bought some microfiber cleaning cloths from Lowes.  I read that some people just use these cleaning cloths for inserts.  So I thought I would see how they measure up.
Quickie Clean tan dusting/polishing: 260 gm (8.5 oz)
Quickie Clean yellow polishing: 220 gm (7.5 oz)
Quick Clean green kitchen/bath: 230 gm (7.5 oz)

And the interesting thing - the cleaning rags didn't compress nearly as easily as the MF diaper inserts.  If you tri-folded them, the dusting or polishing rags would actually still be thinner than a normal MF insert. And they cost $2.80 each. So now I may start using them!  I did notice that they bleed a bit, so I will wash them a ton just so they don't transfer color to the white inserts.

So now for bedtime, we use a joey bunz or a hugger buns with a GoGreen MF insert and no more leaks.  Or combine a few of the others to get about 20 oz of holding power.

And that's my experiment.

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  1. Joey Bunz are the best- I use the premium insert and that's all I need for night time.