Sunday, June 26, 2011

What do you do on vacation?

We usually like to go somewhere that is warm, has water, and great food.  However, this past week the husband was off.  And I took Wednesday-Friday off.  And we didn't go anywhere.  We sent the kids to school for 2 of the days.  And that means we had two amazingly quiet days in our own house.  With no kids.  That was perfect.  We are doers - as in - try to make everything our self.  Which requires time at home.  With no kids.  So this vacation was spent finishing projects.

The husband made this.  He found some plans for a copy of a West Elm table.  $200 worth of materials.  Sells for $1200.  We think it's awesome.  And with the vacation days to complete it.

This chair was a hand-me-down 6 years ago.  It looked like this.

Backside of it when we moved in.  Green/tan country plaid.
Then I decided to reupholster it when I started residency.  Cause I had some much extra time.  And I wasn't already busy replumbing all of our bathrooms.  So it looked like this.  Nothing exciting.

The best photo I could find -shows the blue and the wing.

And then we were tired of it.  So I decided to reupholster it again.  And this time I cut off the wings to make it a bit more modern.  And added a bunch of extra padding to the back to make it more comfy.  The fabric was a bit more funky -would have liked it to be a bit more out there -but it will do.  For now.  Until I get the urge to reupholster it a 3rd time.  I will be an expert by then.  And maybe it won't take 8 months to complete it.
Redone again. And without wings.
And that is what we do on our vacations.

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