Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer, summer, summer time!

I love nice weather.  I was not meant to live in the frozen tundra.  Aka -land of winter for 9 months.  Or at least that's about how long it was this past year.

But now, ahhh, it is summer.  Spring happened for about 12 hours in between winter #1 and winter #2.  Summer has such fond memories for me.  If I could go back to being a kid again, it would only be to have summers again.

My list of favorite summer things.
1. Being in the water (skiing, swimming, boating, you name it.)
2. Hearing kids play outside until sunset and a bit past - which is about 9 pm these days.
3. Looonnnnnggg days - well maybe not the fact that the sun rises at 5 am, but the late evenings I will take.
4. Ice cold beverages.  Of the adult variety.  And some of the non-adult varieties.
5. Catching fireflies.  We used to put them in a mason jar covered with foil.  Either we made too big of holes, or our parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles would set them all free once we went to bed.
6. Summer camp.  I went to the most awesome place - Camp Lebanon in Upsala, MN.  The name and town are just too funny.  But that place was amazing.  And I met some of the most amazing people there.
7. The neighbors exist again.  I can just wander around and neighbors are sitting outside - enjoying #4.
8. Camp fires.  Maybe not on nights as hot as this.  And the obligatory s'mores.
9. The rare night swimming.
10. The smell of sunscreen that seems to permeate from the pores even after a shower.

And with that I am going to go have a #4.

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