Thursday, June 9, 2011

One of those days

Today was just -one.of.those.days.  I hate days like today.  Here is a list of all the wonderfully dumb things that happened.

1. Wake up - Munchkin instantly starts screaming.  She does this all the time.  She argues about everything.  And whines.  And cries.  Then tells me I'm not her friend.  She doesn't like me.  ANd on and on it goes.
2. Munchkin complains about everything.  I don't' like that cereal.  That cereal is yucky.  That dress is too scratchy.  That dress is too icky.  And yet she ate that cereal yesterday and wore the dress last week.  Again - a battle over absolutely anything.
3. I get ready to leave.  If the sunshine is just at the right angle, the little garage door sensor goes berserk and thinks there is an object in the way.  And it won't close.  Until the sun moves.  Or you can magically find the right space to cast a shadow over the sensor and manage to hit the key pad at the same time without actually getting in the way of the sensor.  Yep - that was the exact time I tried to leave today.
4.  I am working on this ridiculously large research project.  I need to review 1000 charts in depth.  And I had to go to a different place today to review the birth books because the data I need to actually even create the list of charts doesn't exist electronically.  I need to review 3,000 births in the birth books to record what age and weight the baby was.  And I did about 500 in just under 2 hours.  And then saved the file.  Which was apparently to the hard drive of that computer and not my disk.  And now I have no idea if it will be magically deleted over night or not.  So I have to go back into that place tomorrow to search for the file.  Otherwise, start over.
5. I had conference today.  A bit frustrating.  And a bit of a waste of time.  Cause you know I have to read 1,000 charts.
6. I hate writing.  And I have 2 manuscripts to write.  One is nearly done.  I just can't seem to finish it.  I never actually finish any project.  I get 90% done with something and then just stop.  And I can't find the last reference I need to finish the one manuscript.   If I could write like, I would be golden.  But I have to follow crazy formats and rules, and every journal has a different set of rules.  Which makes it that much harder for me to write.
7.  Munchkin had her 2nd gymnastics class tonight.  I picked her up.  She instantly starts crying about going to gymnastics by herself.  She wants me to go with her into the class.  Then she cries some more once we get there.  And then the teacher isn't there.  And I didn't know what to do.  Munchkin was the only kid in the class last week so maybe they have cancelled it without telling me.  And it is this little back room, so I can't go check up with the desk unless I bring munchkin with me.  And if I do that, then maybe the teacher is going to show up.  So I wait for some other class to get done, ask that teacher what to do.  She runs up and finds out that the teacher is on vacation, the sub hasn't shown up, so she assigns some observing teacher to teach the munchkin.  Great.  This is just adding to my day.
8.  Class gets done.  Munchkin wants fish sticks for dinner.  I call the husband.  No answer X2.  Then page with the message.  Then 10 min later states she doesn't want those and proceeds to cry and scream the rest of the way home.
9. Got very detoured on the way home.  All east-west major roads are under construction at the same time.  So I try to go a different way.  Took 10 minutes longer.  Which meant 10 more minutes of listening to the munchkin scream about fish sticks.
10.  Get home.  Go to my room and close the door.  Munchkin screams for 15 minutes about the already cooked fish sticks.  And she is screaming for me the whole time.  Which makes the Tank cry.
11.  And now everyone is in bed and I am drinking wine.
Happy day.  Let's do it all again tomorrow.  Can't wait.

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  1. My response was to make cookie dough. It made it seem better just a little ;) Tomorrow will be better? ;)