Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Rhubarb Season

Hmmm, I love rhubarb.  I have been eating it my whole life.  My grandmother and my mom made rhubarb sauce all the time when I was growing up.  I would eat bowls of that stuff for breakfast.

Our first house has a large patch of rhubarb.  We moved in and I quickly picked a bunch.  And then we got a dog.  And that became his favorite thing to pee on.  So there was no more rhubarb.

Our current house doesn't have any, but we have a large community garden on an empty lot that has some. And a neighbor who doesn't use much of their own.  So I am in rhubarb heaven again.

And yes you can made the traditional rhubarb sauce and bread.   But here is what I made for father's day - and dang was it so incredibly good!

Risotto with rhubarb compote.
Have you ever made risotto with milk instead of broth?  This recipe called for it.  I was very skeptical.  I used 1/2 milk and then the rest with broth.  And no proscuitto.  But dang so, so good.  I love the sweet/savory combination.  And red wine rhubarb compote - well I may have made a ton and now have a jar of just leftover compote.  And I'm going to go raid my neighbor's patch some more and freeze the rhubarb so I can make this all year!

And because we went to the farmer's market and bought a ton of fresh strawberries, I made this little cookie crumble strawberry rhubarb tart.  No recipe, just kind of winged it.  It involved making sugar cookies from a package.  Making rhubarb sauce with a bit of lemon juice and sugar.  And mixed 2/3 parts fat free cream cheese with 1/3 part homemade yogurt.  And then crumbled the cookie into a custard cup.  Poured some cream cheese on it.  Placed in freezer to set the filling.  And then added the rhubarb sauce topped with a layer of fresh cut strawberries.
Delicious.  Not too sweet (oh yeah, I added agave nectar to the cream cheese to sweeten it just a bit).  Perfect for a warm summer night!

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