Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh the things kids say...

So here is our dinner conversation -yes all of this occurred in one sitting at the table.  I couldn't make this stuff up.
Munchkin "Daddy-  how did you and mommy make the flowers?"
Husband "What flowers?"
M: "How did you make the flowers and baskets and hookers?" (basket planters hanging from hook on deck.)

M: "My butt hurts, I need to go potty."
Proceeds to go potty and wants me to sit with her.  We started talking about that it will be husband's birthday in a few weeks.
M: "Daddy, come in here.  I'm making you a brown a cake."  (He had no idea that we were talking about his birthday.)

Return to the dinner table.
FGW (me): "M - tell Daddy what we were talking about."
M: "Daddy it's going to be your birthday in a few weeks.  And I'm going to make you a cake."
H: "How old I am going to be?"
M: long pause and then a little smirk "Oooolllllllldddddd."

And that was my welcome back from Hong Kong.
Hilarious.  Who needs to go to a comedy show when you have three year olds.

And the munchkin had her first dance recital while I was away.  She was adorable.

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