Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ode to hair

Finally done with Dorothy-1987
I enjoy doing different things with my hair.  Perhaps it stems from when I was little and I was banished to the "Dorothy Hamill" haircut far longer than it was popular.  And at the same time my sister's hair was down to her behind.

Hello perm -1992

Stayed curly for a long time-1996
My motto is "It's just hair" and it will grow back.  So I have ventured into some crazy styles over the years.  But recently I tried to grow it out.  And the stars aligned and said it wouldn't be so.  And today, I finally got a funky cut back.  So here is an ode in pictures to the past and present hair cuts I have adorned.

Chopped and straight- 1998
The natural curls-bet you didn't know that-the one time I grew it out- 2001
Rocco's Hair Competition 2007.
Rocco's Hair Competition 2007.

Mexico - 2008 (13 weeks pregnant with Munchkin) 

Mother's Day, 2011.

Tonight-sorry-pic with webcam.  Short once again!

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