Friday, May 6, 2011

My obsession with chocolate

I love chocolate.  Plain and simple.  Chocolate.  Making my mouth water just by typing that.
My obsession with chocolate started a long time.  It may have had something to do with a parent's obsession with it.  And the lack of sweets or candy in the house.  There is something about having something be taboo that only makes you want it more.

My sister may also have a similar obsession.  And what are two girls (maybe we were 10 and 13 or so at the time) supposed to do in the middle of the summer when they just want some chocolate?

How about get a bag of chocolate chips out of the freezer (What - that isn't where you keep yours?) and then proceed to split the bag equally.  And I mean equally - as in counting each one out to ensure that we had exactly the same number.

And then what do you do?  Well we each put our chips into something - I don't remember where mine were.  But my sister put her's into one of the plastic egg things that nylons come in.  And she put a sheet of paper in there with a tally of how many chocolate chips she had left.

She is the organizer/list maker.  I am not.  We then placed our chocolate chips in the desk we shared.  I am sure I ate mine in just a matter of days.  I am sure that my sister took weeks.  She would eat one or two at a time.  I would eat one or two handfuls at a time.

And after we divided the chips, we panicked because we had taken the last bag and figured that our mom would discover our secret.  So what were two girls to do?

We grew up in a small town.  We rode our bikes all over (no helmets -gasp!).  Through corn fields, creeks, or whatever else we needed to ride through to get to the destination.  I set off for the local grocery store to buy a replacement bag.  Now this could have been the solution from the start (and we could have had better chocolate) but that would have been no fun.  And after that I was so afraid that the grocery clerk would tell my mom that I randomly came in and bought a bag of chocolate chips that we never did it again.

But my love for chocolate continues.  Except chocolate cake.  Greatly dislike chocolate cake/frosting, but all else is wonderful.

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