Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My cloth diapering experiment

Because a few people have asked recently - I thought I would finally tell all about my cloth diapering experiment.

When I finally dove in to this with Tank, I researched for hours.  Well - really days/weeks/months.  I finally decided one day to purchase a few different diapers.  I ordered through Nicki's Diapers because there is a 15 day return policy - even if used.  So I started with the usual suspects in velcro (other than the FB)- a fuzzibunz one size, grovia one size, bum genius 4.0, and best bottoms.  This was when tank was 2-3 months old and about 8-9 lbs.

Fuzzibunz - ok - hard to stuff because the pocket is small and the PUL is REALLY sticky.  I liked the idea of the elastic adjustment instead of snaps, but in reality it is a pain to adjust.  It fit ok at the small size and we still use it, but I really want to sell it - just haven't ventured into selling yet.

Grovia (aplix) - so soft on the outside which I love.  The idea of hybrids/all in 2 is appealing.  But it hasn't panned out for us.  If you were staying at home all day, then this type could work for you.  But the Grovia has a mesh lining inside the cover, and it almost always got damp and stinky after the first use.  The insert works great but it was very hard to fit on a newborn - and even still a bit awkward on a 23 lber.  Another one I want to sell.

Best Bottoms - a hybrid that would actually work well because you can wipe out the cover.  But the front is extremely stiff (aplix/velcro).  And it always leaves a big gap.  It leaked a lot when we used in on tank when he was little - you know - pre-tank size.  But we still use it on occasion now that he is full tank size.  Not a favorite.  Would sell it too.

BumGenius - as a newborn - was HUGE!!  I never had problems with it, but it was just so giant sized that I really didn't use it until he was 15-16 lbs.  Now I use it and never have problems.  I like it, but I have found ones that are just as good for a lot less in cost.

So after trying these, I decided I liked pocket diapers the best.  Easy for daycare, and fit pretty well.  Then the Thanksgiving sales came around and I bought 8 thirsties duodiaper size 1.  These were my favorite for a long time.  The problem about the one size diapers is that the snap down fronts always created weird gaps in the legs and we would get leaks.  So I figured a 2 different size diaper would work better.  And it did.  It was supposed to last through 16-18 lbs - well it only fit tank until about 13-14 lbs.  Then he started leaking through all of them.  Heavy soaker.  But what I loved about the thirsties is the sleeve design.  No pulling out inserts.  Just throw them in the wash and the inserts pull out.  Then just toss all inserts into the dryer.  Loved how easy that was.

So then I was back to square one.  More searching and I found GoGreen Pocket Diapers.  Ordered some of the regular pockets and some of the Champs (sleeve design).  And then after trying them, I ordered a ton more.  And now I am waiting to buy several more:)  Both styles have worked great.  They come with microfiber inserts.  I use one of those and a hemp half from the thirsties inserts.  Trimmer fit and no leaks.  The regular pocket is still big enough to easily stuff.  I shake the crud out of it to get the inserts to come out.  The Champ is a bit bigger, and I don't have to shaking anything to get the inserts out.

And now the rest of the world has discovered these diapers and they can't keep them in stock.

I also have 2 weehuggers that I use and like (just recently got them when a store was closing otherwise wouldn't have paid full price for these- size 2, can't comment on how the size 1 fit a newborn).

I have a softbums echo set - really dislike it.  Cannot get a good fit on a chunky baby.  Would happily sell.

So that is it in a nutshell.  More about inserts some other time.  Hope this answers a bunch of questions that some of you had.  Leave a comment if you have more and I will answer them!

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  1. really wish I had read this while doing my research! Luckily I haven't ventured too far and will look these up too. I love the insert experiment too- I remember reading that the first time and now it's got new meaning for me. :)