Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Car was Stolen - Twice

Yes.  The title is true.  My car was stolen.  Twice.  In two months.  I'm lucky that way.

This was the first car I bought.  A 1989 Chrysler Lebaron.  Maroon.  With a vinyl top -not a convertible - just a fake leather roof.  It was awesome.  I bought it in 1999 for a couple thousand dollars.  I then proceeded to drive it from WA state to Washington, DC.  It was a great car for trips.  Super comfy plush velour seats.

I lived just outside for a year.  No anti-theft device or alarm.  One night it snowed.  I cleared the windows off.  And then the next morning I found a busted window and the radio gone.  Cops said the people had only broken into Honda's, but because I had cleared my windows - they had a great shot of the radio (the one thing I had spent money on).  This should have been a sign of things to come.  My insurance company was going to get to know me well in the following 6 months.

So a few months later I moved to Baltimore.  Before med school started, all the incoming students went on this retreat to the mountains.  I was going to drive, but had noticed some dark exhaust spewing from my car.  I opted not to drive.  Came back 4 days later and couldn't find my car.  I knew that I had parked it in my little neighborhood lot behind my house.  And I had gotten my parking permit tag, so I couldn't figure out where it was.  Called the cops.  I told the cop my story, and then I asked her what do I do next.  I guess I must have asked a couple odd questions, because then she asked me I really knew where my car was.  UUmm no - just so darn naive.

Two weeks go by, kept calling the police, they kept telling me they hadn't found it.  And then I get a call from them.  They're done with my car.  I can come get it from the impound lot. ?????  Umm - didn't you tell me you didn't know where it was.  Oh yeah- police forgot to tell me they had it the whole time.  It has been used in a drive by shooting.  They took it in as evidence and had it finger printed.  Now I could have it back.  Seriously?!  So I went and got it - started to drive it - the exhaust problem was 10x worse.  And it made a funny sound.  Took it back.  Insurance paid for it to be fixed (they paid more than I had actually paid for the car 3 years before!)

Got it back.  Super busy.  Never got around to buying "the club".  Every morning opened my blinds to make sure my car was still there.  Two weeks later - it wasn't.  Stolen again.  I could actually see pieces of the bumper in the car lot.  Called the cops.  By the time they got there, bumper pieces had been cleared up.   HHmmmmm... thinking my druggie neighbor stole it.  This time it was chased by the police.  And crashed.  And that was finally the end of that car.

And then I became a Toyota fan.  And I had a car alarm.  And I had the club.  And my car was no longer stolen.

I 'heart' Baltimore.


  1. Aw Gretchen, this is the PERFECT Baltimore story =) Really makes me miss those days in B-town!

  2. I loved coming to visit you in my car, where you'd force me to put all my OT stuff in my trunk, because you just never know! ;)