Sunday, May 15, 2011

I fully support helmets

So I mentioned the tank's helmet back here Fun with Helmets.  This past week, the tank got the helmet off. When he first got it on, there was this huge knob over the back left corner.  That is what had me the most nervous.  I thought that if it didn't get better on its own, a real helmet wouldn't actually protect his noggin.  So we opted for the helmet.  His head shape was off enough to warrant it - not just us wanting it.

But to prove the results, I thought I would show you these scans.  If you ever wanted to know whether a helmet was worth it, I think this truly illustrates the benefits!
Before the helmet
After the helmet

And here is the scanner shape that does all the measurement.

Red line is before and blue is after.

So still not perfect, but that wasn't our goal.  And someday it will be warm again.  Maybe.  And I would rather not have the tank overheat because of the helmet.  But if we had to, we would do it again.

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