Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am an athlete

I am was an athlete.  I started participating in sports at a young age.  First it was the usual suspects- t-ball and soccer.  Then it was gymnastics.  And from there things got a bit more unique.  The progression does make a bit of sense.  But some of you might laugh.

From gymnastics came synchronized swimming.  That was a crazy sport.  Truly - it was.  We would swim 5 hours a day.  And 8 hours on Saturday.  We actually looked forward to meets because it meant that we got done sooner.  Yep - it was a high school sport.  And a very active one - I think we had 40-50 girls on the team - or more.  My school had won state championship or placed 2nd every year (and yes there were more than 2 high schools!)  But I got burnt out. 

So then came ballet - at the age of 17.  Not really the prime time to start ballet.  But I loved it.  It was kind of a dream of mine.  I did manage to get on pointe, but barely.

And then came college.  And one of my criteria for a college was a crew team.  So I joined the crew team.  I think I am a glutton for punishment.  5 am practices, rowing in the pouring rain, and then ran a few miles every afternoon.  And I am not a runner.  And then the crazy accidents happened.  And that was the end of crew.

Swing dancing came next - did a couple of performances in college and again when I lived on the east coast.  Med school took over, followed by residency.

And now my exercise consists of carrying the 22 lb tank everywhere.  Clearly that is weight lifting.  But my running shoes have been put on for 5 years.  And I no longer own work out clothes.

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