Monday, May 30, 2011

Bumpy roads

The joys of living in the midwest, where the weather can go from 40's to 90's in 48 hours (which happened this weekend), is with every spring comes potholes.  And I have to laugh when I see the same potholes show up year after year.

At least it's not this bad...yet.
I mean - the exact same pothole.  The Target near us was built 3.5 years ago, which mean 3 freeze/thaws.  And each spring there has been 2 very large potholes on the road that runs in front of the parking lot.  These potholes are about 4ft by 8 ft.  So the last two years, the city approach has been to let them get really bad first.  Then fill them with gravel.  And then a month later throw same pavement over them.  Well -maybe they actually cut a big rectangle out first, but just then pave over it.

And this year - I waited to see if the holes would appear.  And slowly but surely they did.  Well one has.  The other one seems to finally have been fixed.  But the one that reappered - well now it is two separated by about 4 feet.

And I wonder when the city will fix it.  I mean really fix it.  You know - so it actually stops showing up every year.  At some point, the cost effectiveness of just throwing tar over it every year will have to be out weighed by doing whatever they need to do to stop the problem.  And considering that it has multiplied this year, it is probably worth fixing.  The right way.

Or I may just have another spring of watching the flowers potholes bloom.

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