Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who knew I would love cloth diapers

Yep.  It's true.  I love cloth diapering.  This is coming from the person who adamantly refused to cloth diaper the munchkin.  The husband wanted to cloth diaper the first kid.  I think he is secretly way more granola then me, but he is just more stealth about it.  (Like the day I came home and all my water bottles were gone and in place of them was a Sigg bottle.)  I may have been a bit mad at the time.  I hate feeling like I am throwing money away - oh wait isn't that what you are doing with disposable diapers.
So back to the story (yes I get distracted easily) - I refused to cloth diaper the munchkin.  At the time we lived in an 80 year old house.  The washer was way down in the dungeon of a basement.  I did not want not be going up and down a rickety staircase to be washing diapers.  And a friend of mine had recently tried it - but using old fashioned cloth diapers like we were all in - and hated it.

But then the fuzzy granola life started kicking in.  And then Tank came along.  We started off in disposables.  Because I have to research everything - for months- before committing to anything.  I may be a bit neurotic that way.  So finally I decided to do it.  And I convinced our daycare (a well known national franchise) to use the cloth diapers as well.  At first they said no, but I didn't settle on that.  I brought in diapers and explained what they would have to do - ran it up through the powers that be -and voila - we have a cloth diapered kid at daycare!

Oh yeah- we moved.  I think the key to the successful cloth diapering is having a laundry room that you love.  Our's is on the second floor next to the bedrooms.  Love that.  When we were still getting up at night with the Tank, I would throw a load of laundry in.  So much easier than the dungeon basement.

And the times we have used disposables (because I still do buy some to have on occasion - but I buy maybe one box every 2 months) I have really disliked it.  They leak.  They stink.  They take up a lot of trash.

And I now am a lover of cloth diapering.  I may have an obsession with constantly looking for new fun diapers.  I will tell you more about what we use and my massive trial of different diapers some other time.

And how could not love it when you get babies that look like this!

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