Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Undies in a bunch

So this is a total random post.  But have you ever found something that you really like, and maybe it has taken you quite awhile to find said item.  And you count on it being the exact same everytime you purchase it.  But then one day, ugghhh, it is not the same.  Yeah.  That happened to me.  And now I am back on a mission to find said item.  It may have taken me several years and trialing of items to find the one to my liking.  And now it has been changed after only 6 months or so.  Do manufactorers not understand my frustration with finding an item that is just right in the first place?  How dare they change it without asking how long it took me to find it in the first place.

Oh yeah - it is snowing again.  This time a lot.  My CV is being honed and formatted for job opportunities - in North Carolina.  You thought I was kidding.  I'm not.  The munchkin's comments this morning "Mommy that is not snow.  Flowers can't come out if it is snowing.  Go away snow.  The sunflowers need sunshine!"

I agree.  Mommas need sunshine too.

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  1. Did you happen to see the latest weather in NC? I'm looking at Missouri or Colorado perhaps... trying to avoid blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes and giant bugs - yet not Seattle because its too gloomy... hmm, sounds pretty picky I suppose ;)