Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plumbing project gone wrong

So remember how I said that I have done some of my own plumbing.  And sometimes I have had to call in a plumber to fix my mistakes.  Well I have another one.  Not that I have to call the plumber to fix it, but a recent project that hasn't quite worked.

I cloth diaper the Tank.  An easy way of rinsing the poo off of the diaper is to use a diaper sprayer.  Which you can purchase for about $45.  So I had the brilliant idea of making my own for less.  I will write more about that project in a future post.  So a diaper sprayer is no more than a glorified kitchen sprayer plumbed into the water line to the toilet.  Figured this would be a quick and easy project.  Which it was, sort of.  Toilet lines are 3/8" fittings and kitchens are 1/4".  So you have to make some sort of size adaptation.  And you need a shut off valve to the kitchen sprayer because they aren't meant to be under constant pressure.  And this is where my problem is.

Last week I came home and the husband said it was spraying water at the shut off valve.  Had to turn off the whole water line to toilet.  Bought a replacement part.  Thought I fixed it because there was no more spraying.

And then I go into our garage on Saturday as we were getting ready to head out for the weekend.  And here is what I saw.

Ummm,  that giant water spot was not there the day before.  And umm.... what is over that area in the garage.  Ummmmmmmmmm..... the toilet.  With the diaper sprayer.  UUGGGHHHhhhhhhhh.  Go up there and check - the floor is all wet, slow leak from the darn attachment piece to the valve.  So now we have no diaper sprayer until I can find a different type of shut off valve that doesn't weigh a ton and has the right fittings on it.

So maybe you shouldn't take plumbing advice from me.  At least not quite yet.

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  1. I'm really kinda scared about the whole poop spraying thing...