Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm a vegetarian*

So the fuzzy granola life started quite some time ago - 16 years ago actually.   I was a freshman in college and hadn't really liked eating meat for the few years prior. I had stopped eating ground beef, steak, and ham probably when I was 16.

Dissecting a raw chicken breast from the store for biology class may have been the starting point.  Well maybe I didn't exactly stop because I remember eating a swiss and mushroom stuffed steak on prom night.  Classy and quite girly right?

I got to college and we had this all you can eat style cafeteria.  It took me about a month to decide that all of the meat was pretty nasty.  And then some guys made a bet that they couldn't go a month without eating meat.  I joined the bet - and well that was the end of meat for me.   Except BACON.  Why is bacon one of the best foods on earth?  I feel like the little doggy commercial - "Who wants some bacon, who wants some bacon, huh, huh?"  Yeah - that just made my mouth water.  And when I was pregnant, I may or may not have eaten nearly an entire package of hard salami in one sitting.  In Mexico.  Twice.  Until I realized the second package was rancid.  But that didn't really stop me from eating it -just waited until I got back home.  And the same thing may have happened in my second pregnancy.  So now you know how to tell if I am pregnant.

I still don't eat any beef, pork, turkey, or chicken.  But the husband introduced me to fresh fish - something that is totally unheard of in the midwest unless you want walleye - and I have to say I do like a great piece of tuna.  Raw.  But that is how the fuzzy granola life started.

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  1. Now I would like a BLT! But the salami thing is quite gross ;)