Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fuzzy Granola LIfe Blog Adventure

So here it is.  My attempts at a blog.  Mainly because people are probably tired of hearing about my random granola adventures via Facebook.
Preface- I am not a writer.  In fact, I usually hate writing.  You couldn't have paid me to be an english major or something along those lines that required frequent papers.  I am a scientist.  A doctor.  A baby doctor at that.  I thought by choosing this path I could forever avoid writing.  Wrong.  I have to write papers, abstracts, grant proposals.  So I might as well write a blog.  Don't expect fancy grammar, big words, or amazing prose.  Just random stories about what I do in my spare time.  Such as cloth diapering, composting, community gardening, sewing, knitting, baby food making, re-upholstering, or other such odd things that I fill my time with.  Oh yeah and my occasional adventures into plumbing, wiring, and wood building.  Yep - do those things too.  Just not as often as I would like.   You know - cause I have this gig as being a baby doctor which takes up a lot of time.  And this other gig as a mom and a wife.  So you see - very little time to do those other things.  But I guess that is what life is.
Thanks for reading.  Hopefully you will gain something by joining my blog adventure.

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