Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun with helmets

So the Tank needed a helmet.  He had horrific reflux and gi issues when he was born.  He slept arched up on his head for months.  The result- missing the top corner of his head.  It was subtle unless you were looking down from the top.  And you noticed that the right ear was a half inch farther forward on his head.  And you know - the whole corner of the head was flat.  And if you felt the back of his head- there was this huge knob at the bottom.

Me being the paranoid doctor that I am decided to have him get a helmet to fix the shape.  Not because I wanted it to look nice (great bonus though), but because if he should ever decide to participate in say - football or hockey- he is darn well going to wear a helmet.  And one that actually fits his head.  And you know - do it's job.  But with the missing corner and the big knob, a helmet was only going to rest on the knob.  And not actually protect the noggin.

So he got a helmet.  It stinks.  I mean really stinky.  We scrub the darn thing all the time.  But it still smells. Like sweaty feet.  The one advantage of living in a place that won't stop snowing (apparently has snowed every morning this week - thank goodness I have yet to see this because I am at work) is at least he isn't too hot.
But the Tank and the Munchkin actually like the helmet.  Tank bangs toys against it to make noise.  And the Munchkin likes to stick things to it.  Like suction cup balls.  And then yanks and pulls the ball off.  The Tank then thinks this is hilarious.

And we like to put stickers on it.  And make it cooler.  Cause he's the Tank.


  1. This is hilarious. I probably should have gotten poor Eden a helmet - but figured her hair would cover it (if she ever grows hair!)... I love the decorations and the toys and the fun you have with the helmet. You have to find ways to laugh about everything and I just love it.

  2. I didn't think it was stinky when I saw you! Maybe it was because I was distracted by how cute he is! ;)