Friday, April 15, 2011

Boycott MN

That's it. I am boycotting MN.  It snowed today.  It's April.  The middle of April to be exact.  And it has been snowing for 7 months now.  Granted not every day, but seriously.  I have lived here when we saw snow flakes in June.  That was when I graduated high school.  And guess what I did in response?  I moved.  To Seattle.  And swore that I would never move back to this crazy land.  Some how I forgot about that and moved back 10 years later.  But I have been back for 6 years.  And it has been long enough to remember why I left.  So I am going to boycott MN.  Until someone can decide to control the weather.  Or something other than cornfields control the weather.  Yep - we are surrounded by so many cornfields that it actually affects the weather.  Or so says my husband.  I haven't bothered to google that one, but I am pretty sure he is right.

So who is in with me?  I figure if we all move together then the whole fear of moving far away to a land of sunshine and beaches won't seem so daunting.  But seriously, I like MN but I really hate the weather.  The munchkin cried one day because it was snowing.  She cried because she thought the flowers would never come again and that she wouldn't be able to pick her momma flowers ever again.  She followed that by saying we had to live somewhere that had no winter.  She's three.  She's only lived in MN.  She has only been to the beach before she turned 1.  And yet, she is so smart!

So really - any one want to join us?  We are thinking about North Carolina these days.  I want to open a granola hospital.  Have you ever seen how much waste a hospital generates?  It is sickening.  Everything is single use only because of fears of cross contamination.  Everything is put in the garbage.  There are no recycling bins (well other than outside of the cafeteria).  Could you imagine a hospital with recycling bins in the OR?  Or wormbins and a compost pile behind the parking ramp?  Or a hospital that served locally grown food? 

That's my dream.  Who's with me:)

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  1. I beg to differ about the recycling in the hospital. They have an active recycling department. There are at least 3 recycling bins in each NICU room. General waste, medical waste, glass and medicine. There are bins for glass and cans in your work space and in the lounge.It takes effort to walk to those areas to properly deposit but it can and should be done. The hospital incinerates at mandated temps. There is a place for used batteries as well. I'd be willing to bet that there are indeed recycling bins in the OR. Ask some of the staff to view the recycling PP that was put out. I attended a session on recycling in hospitals and trust me, compared to some we are leaders.